Qualitech Engineering, based in Chicago, Illinois, was founded in 2003 and specializes in power engineering services. Our engineering team includes experts with years of experience in the utility power industry. We serve a diverse range of client needs and types, from private utilities to international corporations.


As an emerging company, we offer expert consultation with customized client solutions with the best life insurance services. We pride ourselves on attentive service and producing the best engineering products, supported by superior quality control processes. We pride our reputation in our industry as a reliable source for experience and solutions.


QualitechLLC not only has extensive design experience, but we also have extensive field experience. Most of our engineers have commissioned or have been a part of commissioning a substation, effectively leading cross-disciplinary partners. This level of office and field experience enables QualiTECH Engineering to become an extension of our customers’ own Substation Engineering Team.

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