Protective Relaying and Communication Schemes
for a New 34.5kV Line

The scope of this project was to install a new 34.5kV position onto a single bus to accommodate for a new 34.5kV two terminal line between two Utility Companies. The new 34.5kV line included the installation of a new 34.5kV relay panel.

This relay panel consisted of a primary and a backup Schweitzer Microprocessor Relay, and a Transfer Trip Transmitter/Receiver. A fiber optic was used for the transfer trip that run parallel with the new line to the neighboring utility company. The work also included a revision of the existing 34.5kV bus relay zone of protection to include the new 34.5kV circuit breaker, and a revision of the local annunciator and SCADA RTU.

The scope of this project also included the installation of new control switch, and new Amp, Watt and Var transducers in the control cabinet. Future additions and potential upgrades were taken into consideration in the design of this project.

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