Installation of a Phasor Measurement Unit (P.M.U.) Network

This project involved the engineering and design of a Phasor Measurement Unit (P.M.U.) Network to be used for monitoring the client’s system. The network included the installation of P.M.U. devices at multiple substations at strategic locations throughout the system.


Increased consumer demands and load growth, along with open access to the transmission grid, allows for the need to continuously monitor voltage stability on the system. Phasor Measurement Units provide real-time data to aid the transmission operators in the areas of grid supervision, control, protection, state estimation, and off-line analysis. “Wide Area Measurements” (WAMS) from the P.M.U. Network allows for effective system security measures such as load shedding or load tap-changer operations.

Each location included the installation of an P.M.U. device, a P.M.U. antenna, and associated telecom equipment. Each P.M.U. device monitors two (2) bus voltages and four (4) line currents at each substation on the 161kV or 500kV Systems. A Global Positioning System (G.P.S.) time signal is also provided to each unit via the antenna. The data from each P.M.U. is transmitted to a central office using various communication mediums including microwave and radio. Each P.M.U. device also has an alarm connected to the local SCADA system at each substation.

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