Retirement and Isolation of Fast Start Peaker Units

This project involved the retirement and isolation of 19 Fast Start Peaker Units owned and operated independently of a Utility Company. These units were located at multiple different sites. The scope of work included the design and engineering for primary and secondary isolation between the Utility Company and the Generating Facilities owned by an independent operator.

These units utilized a variety of connections into the Utility Company’s Transmission System including taps off of 138kV Lines; direct single-bus, single-breaker connections; direct ring-bus connections; and transformer tertiary connections.

peaker removal project

The primary isolation typically included the physical isolation of the high voltage equipment at the 138kV side of the Generator Step-Up Transformers.

The secondary isolation included the removal of current and voltage sensing circuits that were shared between the entities as well as protective relaying trips that tripped corresponding equipment across the points of demarcation.

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